Divine Guardian


Christine Stango

Sacred Energy Healer



Energy is life force, "Qi / Ki," natural energy, energy flow.

Our bodies emit, absorb, and function from a series of electrical impulses, or energy.   The nervous system, specialized for the conduction of energy, is capable of providing nearly instantaneous transmission of electrical impulses from one region of the body to another along specially designed nerve cells. 

The human response to energetic influences can be seen everywhere.  It is what allows a defibrillator to deliver a counter shock capable of putting a heart back to a normal sinus rhythm, and it is why we can absorb static electricity and release it when touching another person or an object.

Since we are beings of energy, we can often feel the energy of a room upon entering and have the ability to sense a person’s energy when meeting them for the first time. Energy is within and all around us. Everyone resonates with a different frequency and vibration.