spiritual and emotional cord cutting

Severing toxic cords people have attached to you, releasing the weight of someone else’s energy that has knowingly or unknowingly been attached to you.

Christine Stango

Sacred Energy Healer

SACRED Healing with DIVINE Guardian Energy

An accelerated healing process which clears, heals and balances your pathways allowing them to flow in a healthy, natural way.  The energetic influence creates a ripple effect in and around your body.

DIVINE Guardian energy + aroma touch

This session combines Divine Guardian Energy with AromaTouch.

AromaTouch Therapy with doTERRA Oils

Assists the body in its own healing process through the therapeutic benefits of 8 oils. Stimulates the meridian points and energy zones for Stress Reduction, Immune Support, Inflammation Reduction and Homeostasis (state of balance and functioning within the body).

Divine Guardian