A series of circumstances over the past four years, including the passing of my sister, Renee, drew me to receive energy healing. Realizing it was not possible to heal my grief through a traditional formatted process, I needed a method that was fluid because grief is dynamic and complex. (Healing is not nor should be a formatted process). The energy work allowed me to heal the grief in a way that I had previously believed not possible.

With each session I was able to receive exactly what I needed, each time feeling as though I was opening more to the *gifts* that were always a part of me.

The knowledge opened up a clearer view of myself and my perception of the world around me. I found a symbolic relationship between my thoughts and situations. I also found I could effect change in the workplace and in personal relationships through intentions. This led me to truly understand what being in your Authentic Self could be and I am now standing in the Truth of it.

The knowledge also allowed me to open my mind to incredible possibilities, an existence in which energy transcends all things, blurring the lines between such black and white concepts as life and death, sickness and health, good and bad. 

After experiencing such beneficial results in my own life, it led me to not only receive treatments but continue to advance my studies in complementary and alternative medicine and become an energy practitioner. It is in this space that my work has flourished and continues to grow.

There is a balance one must find between eastern and western medicine.  Medical professionals and practitioners are divinely inspired too.  My sister, Renee, was a registered nurse.

Christine Stango

Sacred Energy Healer

Divine Guardian