Distinguishing Energy Work & Reiki

Reiki is one kind of energy healing modality. Energy work is a broader term that encompasses many more healing modalities such as:  Therapeutic Touch, Esoteric Healing, Healing Tones, Biofield Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing and Reiki to name a few. Those who specialize in energy work administer two or more energy modalities during a session.   

Christine Stango

Sacred Energy Healer

Divine Guardian




Why does the body need vital energy flow?

When the flow of energy becomes weak or congested, people struggle with poor mental and physical health. Once energy is allowed to flow freely through your pathways (chakras), your body’s cells are kept vital and healthy and the vibration in and around your body rises.

Who does it help?

People experiencing emotional or physical pain, individuals heading into surgery, recovering from a major or minor illness, struggling with a disorder, disease or chronic pain, having trouble sleeping, going through grief, a divorce, a break-up and anyone under high pressure in their work or home life. Additionally, individuals in high profile roles who need to cultivate and sustain a clear, grounded and inspired vision are seeking energy work.  Essentially... anyone looking to manifest a positive change or maintain positive energy in their life - physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally.

How does it work?

Energy work is an accelerated healing process which clears, heals and balances your pathways allowing them to flow in a healthy, natural way. The energetic influence and adjustments resulting from this work create a ripple effect in your body as well as your energetic field which brings your body and life into the balance it was meant to be.

How often do people seek energy work?

Energy is channeled for the body to receive what it needs with each session.  Some people experience the impact of this work after a few sessions and follow up for periodic maintenance, while others find they need more extensive energy work to help them through their unique situation.